Working with My Brother

4 May 2009 - Leave a Response

After 40 years of the kind of things brothers do, we’re actually working together on getting his book written and published.

It’s a very good old-fashioned science fiction story much like Edgar Rice Burroughs used to write. There’s the beginnings of a website, and an infant blog.

I think we’re having fun. I think he’s more excited about this than I’ve heard in a long time.


New Book! The Commonsense Virtual Assistant

6 April 2009 - Leave a Response

My wife and I have just completed our first business book together.

The Commonsense Virtual Assistant—Becoming an Entrepreneur, Not an Employee, is designed to help the growing number of virtual assistants analyze their business skills, and find and fill any gaps.

It’s also a resource if you’re looking for a VA. The book outlines what you should expect from a professional virtual assistant.

You can pre-order an autographed copy for $19.95. The book will ship in May.

What Folks Are Already Saying About the Book

“Your book will be a great asset to many new VAs.”  Jan, Your Virtual Wizard

“Good luck with your book. I hope it will emphasize the importance of self-worth and encourage future VAs to value their skills, to always continue their education, and to be responsible and conscientious business owners.” Jennifer,

“Can’t wait to buy your book!” Rosalind Harris CPS,

“Sue and Joel, I really appreciate your efforts in putting this information together and look forward to the final product.”  Margie Gibson, MG Virtual Office Solutions

The relentless arrow of time

11 January 2009 - Leave a Response

Bo Diddley time, when sometimes it’s a waltz, and sometimes it’s a two-step, and always, it’s moving herky jerky toward up there ahead.

Wow; over a year since I posted here. Must waste more time.

They’re Coming Too Fast to Log

13 October 2008 - Leave a Response

Another house concert last night. Maybe the weak attendance is a sign I should space them out more.

Although, the eight attendees were all brand new, so maybe there’s a completely different lesson here.

House Concert Joy

14 September 2008 - Leave a Response

Best house concert ever. Added “La Belle Canta di la Giacanda” (otherwise known as “Lenny and Mona”) and “Driven” which I think needs a different name (as does “LBCdlG”)

Used the harmonica on “Greenback Blues” and it was okay. Choked up during “Into the Sunset” as usual, and barely got the last word out.

Sinus headache, sore throat, damaged voice—still my best ever.

Just wait ’til I’m feeling well. You’ll see.

Can’t Believe We Got It

29 August 2008 - Leave a Response

Indie Seminars

Another Headache Day

31 July 2008 - Leave a Response

Breathing is trés important, yes?


  1. Lose weight
  2. Sleep on stomach
  3. Breathe better

How hard is that?

Hard hard.


28 July 2008 - Leave a Response

I have opened it up for further abuse. Hope trickles eternal.

Pushed into the Funnel

16 July 2008 - Leave a Response

I wanted my own blog tool. I built my own blog tool. Lowlife hackers trashed the database so many times I’ve given up. Maybe KnowYourMusic will move here.

the book is written

1 July 2008 - Leave a Response

still being edited, but written. will, indeed, as dreamed, be published in July.

love those commas . . .